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Wednesday 9th of August 2017

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Narrow Boats Surveys

If you are looking at purchasing or already own a narrow boat, then Cetec Marine Ltd can help you. We can assist with providing surveys for insurance and a whole lot more.

When you are looking for a narrow boat surveys are worth your time and a little of your money. It is recommended that you employ an experienced surveyor to check the boat over that you are considering.

Cetec Marine Ltd can look for poorly completed repairs or places where repairs are required. We can also evaluate every aspect of the boat structure to ensure you that this purchase isn’t going to cost you any more money in the long run and can even save you some.

We can also provide you with estimates for any repairs or damages to your narrow boat to pass on to your insurance company. We can help you by managing the repair project to ensure that the workers are are doing their job properly.

We have a huge range of services that will help you with a number of issues you may face while buying or owning a narrow boat. All of our services are completed to the high standards that the IIMS ensure their members work too.

Marine Surveyor

We have many years in the boat industry to offer our clients. If you are looking to sell a narrow boat, we can come to you and give you an estimate to make sure that you are not selling it for a lower price than you should.

Unless you are very confident in your knowledge of boat construction you will need advice before parting with any money. It is always worth hiring a professional marine surveyor when you are consider purchasing, repair or getting any work done to your narrow boat.

For any more information regarding any of the services that we can help you with call us today. If you are considering buying a narrow boat or already own one, please do feel free to get in touch. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.