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Towing a Boat

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  • 26-10-2015
Towing a Boat

Towing a Boat Do's and Don'ts

Towing a boat can be a very stressful thing. Much like towing a caravan you are towing a valuable item of property with you. And we are pretty sure that you would like your boat to remain in the condition that it left in when you arrive at your destination. Here are our top picks for the do's and don'ts of towing a boat.

Firstly, do make sure that your tow vehicle is in top shape. It is going to have be a work horse on the day. So making sure that it is going to provide you with what you need it to is a must before you set off.

Do have a spare wheel for your trailer, this is a must as not having one may well change your holiday plans. Also have a good quality jack with you. You will need some wooden blocks that can be used for levelling. Maybe even have a practise tyre change on your driveway so you are confidant when you are on a layby with the world whizzing by.

Do all of your pre-checks. This may seem clear to most. Checking that everything is in working order will save you a lot of time, and potentially money while you are out on your trip.

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Make sure if you tow with the factory cover on  it is well tied down so it does not flap about in transit. As it will also become quite annoying when you travel to hear it flapping about behind you.

This is less a do or don't and more just something to think about. Using something to protect the front of the boat against road debris flying up off the wheels of the towing vehicle is a good idea. It means when you arrive the boat will look as good as it did when you left.

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