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Wednesday 9th of August 2017

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Ultrasonic Testing

Here at Cetec Marine Ltd we have been providing our surveying and testing services to our customers since 1992. We work hard to ensure that our customers and their insurance companies are aware that their boats are completely sound.

One way we can test your boat for any defects is through ultrasonic testing. This allows us to check the thickness of the hull of your boat and give you a comprehensive report regarding the thickness of your hull.

Our ultrasonic testing and boat surveys provide information about the condition of your boat. The survey will provide information about if it is fit to set sail or to let our customers know where exactly their boat needs some work. We will help you to ensure it is ready for the next voyage.

The ultrasonic testing equipment that we use allows us to see through the layers of paint or bitumen  on the hull and pin point the exact areas were the hull is thin. We can identify thin areas of metal that may become more easily damaged or need over plating.

Our experience in the boating industry allows us to use this ultrasonic equipment to the best of its ability. We can use this equipment to conduct a search that is not all together blind. We often use a hammer to first find any dull sounding spots on your hull. We then inspect these areas with the ultrasonic testing equipment to find out more.

Our ultrasonic testing gives you a detailed report of the thickness of your hull. All of our reports are accepted by all the major banks, finance and insurance companies.

Marine Surveyor Inspections in Surrey

After we have conducted the ultrasonic testing we are more than happy to help you further. We can recommend the best way of going about repairing your hull and getting your boat ready to set sail. For your peace of mind before a long trip it is worth getting ultrasonic testing done to know that your boat is going to sail without any issues.

If you would like to know more about our ultrasonic testing or to book in for an appointment, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.