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Over time the varnishing process can become like second nature. If you do something enough times you will become aware of things to do and things not to do.

Some methods can save you time and still leave a good job and you will need to learn the things that you must do to make sure of a good job. Once you have all of this knowledge varnishing can actually be quite a pleasant experience rather than, stressful work.

The reason we varnish is of course is that we want our boat looking great in the water. We are proud of the wood that makes up our boats and would like it to looks its best.

However, we also do it to keep the water and the sun out. The water is of course a big problem. If water gets into the wood then it is only a matter of time until the wood begins to rot. The same is true with UV rays from the sun. Keeping UV rays out is just as important to maintain the life of your wood.

To prepare a boat for varnishing you first have to remove the old varnish. There are many methods, however the best way to remove the varnish is with a heat gun or paint stripper.

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You could of course sand it if you would like to work in dusty conditions. Sanding will also take some of the wood away. A very small amount, but if you add up all of the times that you or someone else has sanded the wood that can make for a lot of lost wood.

When you are putting the varnish on don't attack the whole surface. Just work a square foot at a time and take your time for an even coating. There is no need to rush the process as rushing will most likely mean that you miss a spot or two and then all the of hard work you have done has been for nothing!

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