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Benefits of a Boat Valuation

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  • 15-04-2016
Benefits of a Boat Valuation

Benefits of a Boat Valuation

Most of the types of surveys and inspections that need to be carried out on a boat will involve looking at its condition and seaworthiness.

These reports are often in depth and look at both the internal and external components needed in order to have a functioning boat.

There are also surveys that can be carried out from time to time during the ownership of your boat. Often these are not as in depth as the initial checks, yet are still as important.

One example of this is a boat valuation survey.

Carried out by a boat surveyor, this type of inspection is based on their opinion of the sale price of the vessel. It will reflect the price that they expect the boat to reach if sold on the open market. It will often be stated that this should be within a reasonable time frame from the date of inspection.

Taken on as seen basis, this type of survey is often requested by insurers before they will agree any new cover or policies on the boat.

It can also be required if a company is making an asset evaluation, or when a solicitor needs to complete a will or perhaps in a divorce settlement.

Knowing the value of your boat is important for a variety of reasons. No matter why you want to know, it is important to speak to an expert surveyor that you can trust, as well as one that is available at the right price.

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