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What are Tonnage and EAT measurement and certifica

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  • 22-02-2017
What are Tonnage and EAT measurement and certifica

What are Tonnage and EAT measurement and certification? 

If you want to effectively use your boat, the tonnage and EAT measurement and certification is required. This will ensure with no hassles or problems while you are using it in the UK or abroad. 

In this process, the measurement of you boat is calculated. This determines the size and weight. We will assist you when it comes to the inspection and the measurement of your boat. We assure you that all the requirements are complete. 

We will assist you in terms of the filling of part 1. This is the changing of hands. We make a guarantee that you will have a complete information in filing up part 1. This will ensure that the tonnage and measurements are accurate and the required information is with you. 

We provide an easy and comfortable approach in terms of the signing process. We will assure you that no harm will come to your boat. 

The next part of the process would be the Declaration of Eligibility. In this part, we ensure that your boat is legible for the inspection and the measurement process.

This is done by stating the required information such as the frame of the boat, the weight and measurements of both sides are done. We time in providing you a good quality measurement. This is  in order to ensure that the process is done in an effective manner.

We assure you that will be no delays in the filling of the registration forms. Each of you will be confident that the tonnage measurement and certification is given in the fast, secured and reliable time. 

The Bill of Sale is the next part to be filled out. This guarantees you that all the measurement requirements are made in a complete and accurate manner. 

How will this be possible? In filling out the forms, you are provided a guarantee that the boat is safe in your hands. There is no reason to worry about the measurements of the boat.

The measurements would ensure that you would not have any problems in terms of tax issues when you leave the country. 

The inspection and measurement is done in an accurate manner. By using a qualified surveyor they will assist in the process of securing the tonnage and the certification. 

Here, we make great and possible things happen by securing the measurement of the boat. This is done effectively and complete at the time. You are guaranteed  a successful result in this important process. 

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