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What Happens During a Structural Inspection

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  • 14-03-2016
What Happens During a Structural Inspection

What Happens During a Structural Inspection?

When you own a boat you are likely to find that there are a variety of important checks to carry out. These come in a variety of forms, one of which is a structural inspection.

Structural inspections are carried out on the hull and outer structure of the vessel. This is instead of a full inspection that may also look at some of the machinery and internal systems of the boat.

There are times when a full survey of your boat is not required. Yet, if this happens to you then instead you may be asked to arrange a structural inspection.

The main aim of this type of report is to look for any signs of damage caused by collisions. It will also discover if there have been any low quality repairs carried out on the boat.

If a structural inspection is required then you should talk to an expert marine surveyor about what checks will need to be carried out.

It is likely that these checks will include:

  • Bulkheads and Decks
  • Internal framing and engine bearers
  • Rudder, hangings and stern gear
  • Skin fittings
  • The hull from the keel to the sheer

During the inspection, these particular aspects of your boat will be checked over. This will mean that a detailed report can be compiled, confirming the condition of the vessel.

These reports will form an important catalogue of the history of your boat, and also the condition that is currently in.

These checks mean that you can rely on the knowledge that your vessel is not only fully functioning but that it is seaworthy too.

So if you need a structural inspection of your boat then why not get in touch with an expert in the field?

Cetec Marine Ltd know those all important aspects to check and help keep you plain sailing!

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