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What is a Marine Surveyor

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  • 17-11-2020
What is a Marine Surveyor

A marine surveyor can carry out a range of surveys according to your requirements. If you are buying or selling a boat, looking to insure it or checking the condition for annual maintenance, then there are different surveys available. They can survey and appraise, smaller to larger boats and everything in between. Marine surveyors ensure vessels are ready to go to the sea, lake or river, without any significant problems which are crucial for the safety of the boat.

More experienced marine surveyors, skilled in surveying smaller crafts, can survey the boat's hull, but also; electrical parts, gas, machinery, rig, and other essential boat systems. They can carry out the Tonnage measurement surveys for registration. In a case of accidents or trouble, marine surveyors can investigate the cause, and later on, play the role of an expert witness on any legal hearings. 

Small craft surveyors are skilled to inspect smaller yachts and vessels (sailboats, motorboats and boats with other forms of power). They mostly survey boats up to 50m that are used in pleasure boating and can be employed by larger companies dealing with marine insurance.

The marine surveyors' job is to survey, and also appraise different vessels, such as;  

 House boats

Types of Marine Surveys

This is the type of survey you should get when buying a boat. Surveyor will thoroughly evaluate the boats' structure, systems abroad and all the attachments.

As a rule, this will be required by the insurance company, to renew the insurance policy.

If the boat endured any damage, minor or substantial, a trained professional should be able to determine the degree of damage and offer advice on how to properly restore it.

A trained marine surveyor will have inspected hundreds of damaged vessels and will have the proper knowledge and experience, to advise on how to properly restore the boat and be able to enjoy it once again.

Different situations such as donations, estate settlements, court cases and taxes, often require appraisals.

The process is different than in case of purchasing the boat, and the marine surveyor establishes a fair market value, after the inspection and evaluation of the vessel.

The surveyor can use different guides, such as; Databases of sold vessels, Professional knowledge and experience, Standard scales for decreases in value.

This inspection performed with the boat being in the water. A silver chloride electrode is lowered into the water.

The next step is to test all the metal underwater fittings and attachments, to discover if they are being affected by a stray electrical current.

During this inspection, other things can be tested, such as; testing the water surrounding the vessel, and the power supply of the shore on the dock.

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