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What to consider during the Marine Survey

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  • 06-10-2016
What to consider during the Marine Survey

What to consider during the Marine Survey

Marine inspections are important. But it's also important that you know how to prepare and make a success out of your survey. Here are a few important tips.

One of the most important things is to always be available and properly informed for the inspection. This will allow you to know what is coming, how to handle it and what to have ready.

Apart from being available in person, you should always be available via telephone. Be sure that all your contact details are available to the surveyor.

Remember that the survey is about the operation of the vessel. That's why you can also consider the use of other experts for your survey.

It will give you a new insight and allow you to benefit from the input and expertise of another expert. Have patience and consult with the surveyor about everything you need.

Another reason why you should consider other experts is because they may have another area of expertise, for e.g. engines and machinery.

This has its own category and you need to ensure that you use an expert that knows what they are talking about.

Ask questions and be patient. You will learn a lot and know what questions to ask. Also try to leave the surveyor out of the negotiation process, unless this was discussed beforehand.

Generally, surveyors talk only to their clients, and no one else. These are among the most important points that you should remember when you want to have a marine survey done.