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Why Should I Have a Survey

This is a question that we get asked a lot, why should I have a survey? Well the answer is a fairly easy one. Anyone who has been strung along by buying a boat that on the surface looks great but underneath it far from great will understand.

A survey before you buy a boat can save you a lot of time and more importantly money. You should let a survey company like ourselves take a look at the boat that you are thinking of buying. This will let you know whether you are buying the boat that is advertised.

A survey will check everything over to see what the condition of the boat looks like. Unless you have had training in the surveying field then it is always good to get a boat checked out before any money changes hands.

The price of your new boat may well look amazing. And you may want to snap it up right away before anyone else gets the chance to. However, waiting until a survey has been completed may well save you a vast amount of money in the long run.

Boat Inspections in Surrey

A survey then is not designed to cost you money for no reason. It is designed to make sure that the boat you are buying isn't going to cost you any more money than you are expecting it to.

A boat survey is must if you do not want to get lumped with something that is going to cost the earth to get to the point that it was advertised as being.