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Damage & Repair Assessments

Boat surveyors Surrey has been helping our customers with a range of surveying and inspection needs since 1992. Our owner and principal surveyor Chris has had a lifetime's worth of knowledge in the boating industry. This is thanks to growing up in his parent's boat yard and since then working in many different positions within the boating world.

This experience gives us the knowledge that counts when it comes to surveying and inspections. Chris is also a full member of  IIMS which ensures that we work to their high standards to deliver our customers the reports they need at a clear price.

An example of such a report is our damage and repair assessment report. We will inspect your entire vessel and make sure that our report is as detailed as possible.

Damage and repair assessments are for any damages that may have happened for any reason. They give either you or your insurance company a clear and concise report of all of the damages that your boat has sustained. This gives you or your insurance company a professional insight on how much the repairs will cost.

Marine Surveyors in Surrey

Thanks to our experience in the boating industry we know exactly the areas to look in. If you have had a collision with something, we won't only check that area.

When a collision occurs, the impact may well have damaged other parts of the boat in a way that is not at first visible. We can conduct tests that ensure that your entire boat has been assessed so that none of the repairs it needs go unseen.

For full and detailed damage and repair assessment choose Boat surveyors Surrey. We will take the first step to making your boat safe again.

If you would like any more information regarding our damage and repair reports please do feel free to get in touch. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.