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Steel Motor Cruisers Surveys

Sometimes finding the perfect steel motor cruiser to buy can be a real headache. We know that you want to find the perfect one for you. Most of the time you want it to be ready to go straight away, this is where Boat surveyors Surrey can help you.

We can make sure that the steel motor cruiser that you are considering is in the condition the ad says it is in. We can do an in-depth and detailed pre-purchase report for your peace of mind.

That isn't all that we can do for you. When you own your steel motor cruiser you may need repairs or it may be damaged. We can provide a detailed report for you to give to your insurance company with all of the damage stated and the repairs needed.

We can then work with you while the repairs are being attended to. We can also assist with any other project you may be considering by managing the project; ensuring that it runs as smoothly as possible.

We can perform an ultrasonic test on the hull of your steel motor cruiser. This is to ensure that the hull is of a good thickness. This could either be used to provide you with peace of mind before a long journey or as part of a pre-purchase or insurance survey.

Marine boat surveyor

We can also give you an independent estimate when you feel it is time to sell your steel motor cruiser. We can provide an impartial estimate to ensure that you are selling it for the right price.

Contact us if you would like any more information regarding any of the services that we can provide to you. For help and advice with your steel motor cruiser please feel free to get in touch.