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Boat Surveys Hemel Hempstead

If you are considering buying a boat, or already own a boat in the Hemel Hempstead area, we can help you. For boats used on the Grand Union Canal, which is the longest canal in the UK, linking London and Birmingham, we provide you with all of the surveying needs that you may require.

Boat Surveys on the Grand Union Canal

Boat surveyors Surrey is based in Surrey and are registered members of the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS), which are the industry-leading organisation for marine surveyors. 

Our company has many years' experience in providing its range of comprehensive services to our customers. We always strive to maintain a very high professional standard with every project completed.

We also offer boat surveys, done by our marine surveyor, on the River Thames, Grand Union Canal and Waterways in Surrey.

Boat Valuations Hemel Hempstead

If you are considering buying a boat on the Union Canal and would like a survey of it before you agree to the purchase, then we can help.

We can provide you with our pre-purchase survey to ensure that the boat meets all of the standards that you need it to. This is to ensure that it won't cost you any more money in the future.

Once you own your boat, our services continue. We can provide in-depth inspections for any repairs and damage that you might have. This service is perfect for anyone that has a bump or if you are planning a trip and would like some peace of mind before you go.

We can also offer ultrasonic testing of the hull of your boat to see if it has any defects that could affect it. This again is great before a long trip or for an insurance report. All major insurance companies accept our insurance reports.

Boat inspections services we offer:

The other great services we can offer you includes;

  • Valuations
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Damage and repair assessments
  • Structural inspections (engine, drive, winter layup, prelaunch, osmosis)
  • Project and repair supervision
  • Tonnage measurement
  • Marine services
  • Certification and more.

For a complete range of surveying services for your boat in the Hemel Hempstead area, or any advice regarding your boat, please feel free to get in touch. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Boat safety scheme (BSS)

The Boat Safety Scheme, or BSS, is a safety scheme that tries to help reduce the risks that can occur on boats. The scheme is owned by the Canal and River Trust and woks to decrease risks such as pollution in inland waterways, fires and explosions and any harm to people.

Types of boats we cover:

  • Wooden Boats
  • Motor Boats
  • Steel Boats
  • Sailing Boats
  • Fishing Boats
  • Rowing Boats
  • Small Boats
  • Lifeboats


Boat surveyors Surrey are specialises in dealing with the purchasing process and the owners of narrowboats. We provide narrowboat insurance surveys, which is done by a professional surveyor, to look for damage or imperfections that may not be visible. These surveys will prevent further costs, for example, if the damage worsens over time as you didn't know it needed repairing.


All our marine surveyor staff are fully qualified, with years of experience. They all work extremely hard to keep up the customer satisfaction by giving the best service and advice on buying barges. This advice includes informing you of the problems that we find with the surveys we will do on your wanted barge, which is all done by an experienced marine surveyor.

Our surveyors ensure your wanted barge is safe and worthy of the money you are paying for it. For example, if it needs a lot of work doing to it, then you may end up spending more on the repairs than you would on a more expensive barge.

Our professional staff also offer advice on insurance, the best insurance, repairs and surveys to look at the condition of your barge, if you have already purchased one.


Yacht surveys are very handy, with multiple benefits. One of our experienced boat surveyors will inspect your yacht to make sure the condition is up to scratch.

Do you require a boat survey in Hemel Hempstead? Please feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have, either by mobile or email. There will always be a member of staff available to assist you in every way they can.

Call 01784 464 899 to discuss how we can help you further.

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